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Keeping Fatherhood Funny

Sometimes, I get asked about my Twitter feed and Facebook regarding my adventures (or misadventures) in learning the intricacies of fatherhood. “With all the stress and sleepless nights, how can it all be funny?”


It’s not all funny. There are midnight wake-ups, tons of crap to deal with (literally), feeding challenges, TEETHING…yes, I pull hair out. Yes, it can be overwhelming. In the end, however, it’s important to keep at least some of fatherhood funny. Just because parenting is full of lessons doesn’t mean they all have to be serious! Think about all this if you’re a parent. How important do you find a sense of humor? It’s very likely pretty high on your list of attributes you either pride yourself in, or seek in other people. If you don’t find humor in life, how do you expect your children to?

It’s not hard to find humor in being a parent…you just need to look around. Urine in your face? Creative sterilization! Food all over baby’s face? Edible makeup! Screaming from teething? No, that’s cheering for future pizza consumption!

Optimism really goes a long way. Even longer if you teach it to your children.

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