Eventually, Mason began to enjoy messy faces!

Continuing the saga of feeding…

So we got through the introduction to rice cereal, and the refusal to eat with a spoon…things were going pretty smoothly to begin with. We knew what Mason liked and didn’t like (though we still pushed on the disliked veggies a bit) and he was accustomed to leaning for the food, swallowing properly, and, yes, spitting out what he didn’t like, sometimes profusely. In other aspects of his development, he was learning to roll over and sit up on his own. According to the cute little icons on the baby food jars, he was ready for “3rd stage foods.”

Well, let me tell you what 3rd stage foods are doing to my family. Tearing it apart!

There’s really little difference between 2nd stage and 3rd stage foods. The fruits are the same, the jar is just bigger. It’s the “entrees” that are different. They are a bit more “grown up” in taste, and unfortunately, texture. The Vegetable Beef from Gerber has actual chunks of corn and beef in it, mixed with the typical puree of broth, peas, carrots and other slop. The texture os Mason’s Achilles heel. Mason spits.The food. Out. Every. Single. Time. To this day (about 4 months of futile attempts, tricks, rewards, etc.), he absolutely refuses to eat 3rd stage foods. And yet, when we introduced solid foods to him about 2 months ago, he dug right in!


-Chicken nuggets

-Rice cakes (his clear favorite of favorites)

-Lil’ Graduates Crunchers

-Yogurt (close 2nd to rice cakes)


-“Star Puffs” A.K.A. Lil’ Graduates

-Shells & Cheese

-Arrowroot cookies


-ANY 3rd stage food, even if it’s pasta or chicken flavored

-Green beans (which he loved as 2nd stage food)

-Anything that gets thrown at Daddy

The biggest challenge lately has been keeping the “treats” away from him…if he’s eating his normal, 2nd stage dinner and he catches a glimpse of the delicious yogurt behind our back…all bets are off, and he spits out any dinner until he gets the yogurt. Not just spitting it out will suffice, though…he gathers the drooly mess on his hand and smears it all over his high chair!

Exhibit A: The defendant clearly smearing food all over to gain access to goodies. Note the attempted smirk of innocence.

This kid is smart. He knows just how to push my buttons. He even knows where the goodies are kept and tries to reach for the basket in the middle of eating.

So we’re still struggling with the 3rd stage foods today. For the sake of sanity, we don’t even try to give them to him. Every now and then, we give it a whirl, but it always leaves us wondering why we thought it would be different this time. You know, it has been a couple of weeks since we last tried…

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  1. […] This one has been a long time coming. I’ve kind of forgotten about the fact that Mason is in the midst of teething, probably because until this weekend, he hadn’t cut a tooth in like, three months. Mason began teething a little bit earlier than most babies, he had his first around 4 months old, and by 6-7 months old, he had a fully-fledged front set, four teeth up top, four down bottom. The arrival of these teeth were met with the typical and expected fits of red cheeks, mouth sensitivity and, above all, screaming (Mason’s very favorite activity!). Once the elite eight were set to begin chomping, rice cakes were introduced, along with Mason’s favorite screaming subject, 3rd stage foods. […]

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