Bite Me! A Word on Teething

An early shot of Mason with his first few teeth...the worst was yet to come.

This one has been a long time coming. I’ve kind of forgotten about the fact that Mason is in the midst of teething, probably because until this weekend, he hadn’t cut a tooth in like, three months. Mason began teething a little bit earlier than most babies, he had his first around 4 months old, and by 6-7 months old, he had a fully-fledged front set, four teeth up top, four down bottom. The arrival of these teeth were met with the typical and expected fits of red cheeks, mouth sensitivity and, above all, screaming (Mason’s very favorite activity!). Once the elite eight were set to begin chomping, rice cakes were introduced, along with Mason’s favorite screaming subject, 3rd stage foods.

Aside from the 3rd stage food debacle, all was going well. It was almost like he already had any teeth that were going to come in. I’d occasionally wonder when the next wave was coming, though.

Got my answer this past weekend.

Mason suddenly began losing his appetite for just about anything, and was quickly becoming cranky for no apparent reason. Holly desperately tried to see if he was teething, but Mason has a nasty habit of biting down on anything put in his mouth. Hard. This includes human digits. This time, all was revealed with no prodding needed. Mason has a canine coming in on the bottom set of teeth, and we suspect another one is coming in from the top. These teeth are giving him a pretty bad experience, much worse than any of the others ever had. A few nights ago, nobody slept more than an hour or so at a time, and Holly volunteered to hold poor Mason while he slept…and Holly didn’t. Tylenol did nothing, we had to get infant Motrin to aid with the pain.

Since that night earlier this week, things have slowly adjusted back to normal. Mason is sleeping more soundly and longer again. The new chomper is slowly making its entrance, but it doesn’t seem to bother him so much more now that it’s through the gums. Looks like this saga is on hold, until the next canine decides to rear its ugly face.

P.S. Mason still won’t take well to 3rd stage foods, and I swear he’s trying to use teething as an excuse. Nice try, kiddo. Gotta eat it. Hardball has started.

Comments on: "Bite Me! A Word on Teething" (2)

  1. Gah. It’s funny how quick I’ve forgotten these things. My little guy’s almost two, and as I started reading this, I went, “Teething? Was that a problem?” I read further and remembered just how much of a problem it was.

    Good luck with the teething to come!

    • Sorry for the late reply. At his one-year checkup, Doc said the number of teeth he has is amazing. At this point, he’s up to 17 we think. It’s nuts.
      Thanks for your comment! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the posts.

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