11 Months, Gone Like That…

Mason turns 11 months old today. It’s just unbelieveable how quickly time has flown. Cliché, I know, but when you’re a first-time dad, you really notice it.

Mason is crawling like a pro now, and pulls himself to standing quickly and efficiently. He also knows just how to push my buttons, as well as the power of a smile, even when he’s in serious trouble. I can’t be stern with this kid for crawling on the fireplace when hes grinning from ear to ear!

Only a month to go until the big 0-1 for Mason! Holly and I have been planning his birthday party for weeks now. Invitations are out and now the stress of planning all that begins. It’ll all be worth it, though…Mason has such a supportive family and we have great friends, we just want everyone to share the celebration.

Here’s to you, little guy! Now, can you PLEASE eat 3rd stage/solid foods?! Let’s make that a birthday goal…love ya!

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