1st Year Roundup

Wow…somehow it’s been a month plus since my last post. Apologies to anyone who looks forward to these blog posts…

During my unanticipated hiatus, Mason celebrated his first birthday. The days leading up to 10/21 were full of recollection and reminiscing on the past 365 days, my first as a father. I learned that you can’t learn to be a good dad by observing other dads…they aren’t you, and their kids aren’t yours. I’ve seen good times and bad this year…as much as this blog of mine portrays itself as a non-stop humor show, there’s so much more. I try to make it all humorous because without humor (even in bad times), we’d all be insane.

Mason has grown so quickly, I’ve barely noticed! We’re it not for photos taken throughout this year, I’d have no way to compare. Even differences between photos taken two or three weeks apart blow me away. The little boy that started as 8+ pounds of bald newborn is now over 22 pounds, crawling, standing (first steps any day now, I think) and somewhat less bald.

Day 1: Screaming Monster

About one year later: Smiling Monster

I’ve seen the miracle of birth, and the tragedy of a filthy diaper. The peace of a baby sleeping, and the agony of one screaming in pain. The joy of interaction, and the curse of commincation barriers. If you don’t see both sides of parenting, you aren’t a parent. It’s not all TLC and ABC family. There’s plenty of HBO, Lifetime and even a little ESPN in there! 🙂

It’s absolutely impossible to pick my favorite moment of Mason’s first year. I think most would suggest that my run-in with a onesie as a tube top would be up there, confirming my relative stupidity as a male trying to dress an infant. The time Mason pooped DURING a diaper change at Thanksgiving might stay with me for a while too. All the laughs and cries, the bumps bruises, the crawing and driving…me crazy…it’s all bundled in my brain under “first year.” Hopefully, I’ve documented enough of it via blogging, photos and videos to remember it when I’m having my diaper changed in 70 years.

It’s a cop out, but it’s all been a favorite to me. I guess I can say most of all, I enjoy writing about my experiences and sharing them with the world, either it be as a caveat or as a “look how stupid I am” moment…it’s all good, nothing to hide in parenting!

Well, as you can see, I’m terible at summarizing large amounts of time…so back to regular blogging I will go…hopefully.

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