Standing Tall

Standing and telling the world he can do just that.

In the past few weeks, Mason has learned to stand on his own two feet without support…as long as he starts with support. The little guy can pull himself to his feet using a couch or chair, or an adult can set him on his feet in the middle of a room, and he can stand independently for up to 30 seconds before plopping himself on his bottom safely. Even more exciting (and scary), Mason can take a step or two as long as someone is holding both of his arms and guiding him forward. Steady supports like a walk-behind device (its actual name eludes me) allow him to walk/slither along floors with relative ease. All I can think when I see him ready to take his first steps any day now is:

“This is the end.”

Of course, I mean the end of my sanity. This knocks be back to my default status as a father: worry-wart. Mason is going to walk, that’s inevitable. Also inevitable is the falls and smashed lips and skull trauma that only comes with learning to walk. We’re talking about a kid who while sitting on the floor, suddenly flailed and flopped himself into a wall (just like Daddy sometimes does). Gah! I’d really like to encase the child in bubble wrap, but aside from comical YouTube entertainment, I would probably be socially scarring poor Mason for life. Sure, I learned to walk just the same, and I’m sure my parents have wonderful stories of head/body trauma while learning to do it. We all encounter the pitfalls of learning to right ourselves and ambulate. It still doesn’t help me. In the meantime, I’ll work on a device that will protect the boy without ostracizing him in public, as well as help avoid criticism from my own peers. Any ideas?

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  1. I think you should get him one of these:

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