The Kid & the Camera

Mason strains to reach the camera. Nice try, son...

Mason is such a curious little bug. Now that he’s mastered crawling, he looks for anything he can get his little hands on…or in his mouth. Toys, food, dust balls, the cat’s tail…you name it, he’s tasted it. Recently, he finally decided to attempt some hands-on time with the big black thing Daddy constantly points at him…the camera.

We do photography as a side gig, so our cameras are hardly compact. Just about all of the photos you see on this blog are taken with a Nikon D90. It’s a big honkin’ piece of photographic equipment! Even bigger with the SB-600 flash sitting atop it. Add in the red beam the flash shoots out to calculate exposure, and you’ve got a kid’s biggest curiosity. At first, Mason was an anti-camera kid. He’s get pretty upset if you pointed it at him. Then, it was almost impossible to get candids of him, because he immediately focused on it the second it was at my eyes. Shooting “blind” (camera at the hip, pointed in general direction) sometimes worked, but not always.

As of last week, Mason has put his curiosity to action. The above photo was snapped as I was trying to get Mason in a standing position. Of course, the brat didn’t want to stand at that point, so he crawled instead. Right up to me. I took a series of shots just as he reached up to grab the flash (at which he failed, HA!). I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if the little monster actually got his paws on the camera. He dismantles toys like it’s nobody’s business, I’m sure it would result in a service call to Nikon.

Someday…well, maybe someday, I’ll let Mason hold a digital SLR. Heck, I’m not going to hold back my kid’s curiosity forever…just long enough to save up for a new camera…

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