Waiting to Walk

Mason can't quite walk on his own yet...by choice.

Mason is starting to stand up without needing support such as couches, chairs, Daddy’s legs, etc. Problem is, he won’t walk on his own. He’ll walk with his support device (I forget the name of it, it has 4 wheels and resembles a pint-sized shopping cart). As long as he has someone to hold onto while he walks, he’ll move just fine. As soon as we let go, down he goes to a crawl. Damn! My parents said they remember having to trick me to walk, so I put my thinking cap on and tried a drumstick. Feels like a finger, right? Well, Mason would not agree. As soon as he grabbed it, he knew it wasn’t a human finger and sat down, even throwing in a look that said “Daddy, do you think I’m that gullible?”

Developmentally, he’s right in the range to walk. Doc says mason should be walking very soon. His daycare provider guarantees by Christmas. I’d sure like to see him walking by Thanksgiving, but with only 3 days to go…looks like I’ll have to wait. The bright side is, I have more time to work on a bubble-wrap helmet that will protect his little brain from inevitable skull trauma as he takes his first steps. Who’s good with duct tape?

Comments on: "Waiting to Walk" (2)

  1. He’ll walk. The problem is then he’ll run and run fast. Enjoy the moment…and rest up. nice post

  2. […] I left off in my previous post, Mason had been standing on his own, but refused to take those steps. The parental waiting stopped […]

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