Walking Tall!

This post is long overdue! It’s been crazy busy with work, family commitments, holiday events, etc…anyhow, BEHOLD!

Mason shows off his new moves, making a point while doing so!

When I left off in my previous post, Mason had been standing on his own, but refused to take those steps. The parental waiting stopped on Black Friday, when the boy took 4 small steps for baby, er, toddler, one giant milestone for Mommy and Daddy to relish in and enjoy. The next day, it was 6 at a time. Sunday brought 8, then 10, and so on and so forth. Mason’s walking! My boy can walk like a big boy!…

…Oh god, Mason can walk! (worry worry worry…)

In the last week, Mason has become even more adept with his new mode of transportation. He still prefers crawling, and he still covers floor space much more quickly as a crawler, but the kid can take 15, 20, 25 steps or more without issue. Good lord…

This walking thing is an even bigger deal that I thought it would be. I’m so proud of him as a father, even though just about everyone learns to walk. It’s just amazing to see a child grow before you and graduate to these new levels of independence. Holly and I discussed whether this makes him a toddler instead of a baby…it was a discussion that actually brought a tear or two to my eyes. :’-(

The biggest challenge from Mason walking and being a mobile kid has been the Christmas tree. Oh, how he loves reaching for ornaments, even with the baby gate blocking access. Using a baby gate to defend things from Mason is like using a cardboard box to protect priceless belongings…they don’t stand a chance.

Now I get to worry about Mason learning to climb onto things he can’t get back down from. Any takers on the date that happens?

Comments on: "Walking Tall!" (3)

  1. Now it is time for him to learn how to push a lawn mower…

  2. ha the wee pointy finger makes it

  3. […] that Mason is walking, running, climbing, learning to throw things, etc., I’ve become concerned about my own safety […]

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