Seeing the Light

What's he pointing at?

If Mason were a light bulb, this is what he’d do.

Mason isn’t talking quite yet. He babbles, coos and caws, and even gets the “s” sound out every now and again, but the closest he’s come to English is “mumumumumum!” In spite of this, Mason has shown that he does understand at least one English word.

LIGHT! My boy sees the light (and can show you where it is)!

This started a couple of weeks ago. Mason was in the car and was randomly pointing upwards and grunting. Couldn’t figure out what the heck he wanted, so I turned the dome light on. Mason smiled big and pointed at it again. “Light,” I said. “That’s light.”

This was the start of the endless game of “Where’s the light?” It goes something like this:

Mom/Dad: “Mason, where’s the light?”

Mason: **points upward at light**

M/D: “Yaaayyy!!” **applause** “Mason, where’s Mommy?”

Mason: **blank stare**

M/D: “Where’s Daddy?”

Mason: **blank stare**

M/D: Where’s the light?”

Mason: **points upward at light**

M/D: “Yaaaaayy!!!!” **applause**

(continue ad nauseum)

Yes, this looks about like me when Mason does cool stuff.

We always hope that today will be the day Mason figures recognizes another object. Until then, we’ll just have to keep playing “Where’s the light?” It’s still fun, because Mason never gets tired of it!

Of course, the boy understands “light,” but doesn’t understand more more common words spoken to him, i.e. “NO!” “Stop it!” or “Eat your dinner, dammit!” Heck he doesn’t respond to his own name yet! Still, he’s learning words, and that’s what counts. He also points at things he wants. We say what the object is when he points, but nothing has entered his repertoire except “light.”

Hmm…light…does this mean he’s enlightened to the secrets of the universe?

Comments on: "Seeing the Light" (4)

  1. We’re at about the same place with understanding words and speaking. I think all we really have down is “nose” and he points to our nose. Gotta start somewhere…

  2. […] wants to get into everything, and he hasn’t learned what “no!” means yet (though “light” and “dinner” have become familiar to him). If I began to describe the sheer frequency […]

  3. […] already has a significance in Mason’s baby babble vocabulary. But lately, he vocalizes when he points to it, and […]

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