A Look Back: 2011

From tiny guy...

...to reaching high!

It goes without saying that Mason grew this year. It’s almost hard to remember when he wasn’t walking or crawling. Were it not for pictures and video as memories, it would be like Mason walked out of the hospital room immediately after birth!

In addition to Mason growing, I grew as a father. It’s not like first-time parents have anything to go by! As much as I’ve looked for Mason’s instruction manual, I’ve realized that Holly and I have to write it as we go. Some instructions are easy.

Change when soiled. Keep clean. Seep safe at all times.

Others, we learn in the moment.

Keep onesies from becoming tangled. Stay away from nether regions to avoid urine.

And then there are the ones that haven’t been found yet.

How to keep boy happy at all times. How to get boy to eat all food properly. How to ensure entrance to Ivy League School.

Nothing is going to make my job as a father any easier, but at least I’ve got Holly and family to help me be the best dang dad I can be. For everything that everyone has done for me this year, be it giving advice, reading a blog, or connecting with a fellow parent, I say thank you! Also, thanks to Holly for being the mother she is…outstanding! The biggest thank you of all, of course, to the little guy. Love you Mason!

Dads, have a sippy cup toast with your kids on Sunday. Toast to all that 2011 brought, and all that 2012 will bring. Toast to all the bedtime stories and baths, as well as the scraped knees and bumped heads. Even though they are what we hate to experience, they make us the parents we are and keep us on our toes. We can’t be great parents with out these little humans to test us!

Again, thanks for a great 2011, and here’s to an ever better 2012!

Life as a father truly is “Daddily Ever After.”

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  1. What a beautiful child you have – love the pictures.

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