Basket Case

Mason has tons of toys…most of which we didn’t buy for him. They were gifts from family & friends for Christmas or his birthday back in October. Cars, trains, stuffed animals, books, musical instruments…even a turtle that reads! The boy has his pick of what to play with. Heck, we don’t even keep all the toys out, some are stowed away for a later date, to keep things fresh for him, and to prevent our house from looking like Toys ‘R’ Us.

Yet, Mason doesn’t gravitate towards these wonderful learning tools and fun things. Walks by the car and stuffed animals. No interest in books yet. The turtle…no, that gets bored quickly. Mason goes for the $1.00 light-up balls from Wal-Mart! I can’t guilt him on that, though…they were bought for him, after all. Above the balls, all the toys, and even Mommy & Daddy, Mason goes for…

Wait for it…

Of all the toys Mason has...he chooses the laundry basket.

The Laundry basket!

Yes, the ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill laundry basket. Mason is the textbook early toddler…buy him the world, he wants the box it came in. Of course, he doesn’t just sit in it nicely, as seen above. No, he wants to flip it over, climb on it and dance on it; and if there’s anything I’ve learned about my little boy over these 15 months of his life, it’s that he doesn’t go easy…ever. This kid bounces atop the basket like it’s a damn trampoline. Luckily, someone is nearby to make sure he doesn’t split his head open. He never gets enough of it, either. Sometimes he gets so rough with it, we have to take it away, and that leads to…yeah.

The toys will always be there when Mason is ready to play with them. For now, at least I have an excuse for dropped laundry between the dryer and the bedroom!

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  1. I know the feeling of excess toys! Our house does look like Toys R Us, but I have to say that Kyle does play with the toys, so its not all for nothing 😉

    • Mason does play with the toys, but he doesn’t always use them as intended. He also loves to climb on his LEGO table for access to the couch. 🙂

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