If this child could talk, he'd say...??

When Mason had his 15-month checkup last week, Doc said he’d be talking any day now. Well, as of today, any day has not yet come. Still he’s developing his own versions of words…baby babble. Certain objects have distinct sounds that he makes, and even (in my opinion) certain actions.

So what to make of this babble? Is it possible that it could be translated into plain English? Absolutely! With the aid of my own creativity, I give you the first entries in the 2012 Baby Babble Translator!

(CAVEAT: I make no guarantees that this thing works, or even that this is the first 2012 translator created by a weird parent)

So here we go! Let’s start with…

BB: “Bwrwrwrwah!”

English: “Light.”

Light already has a significance in Mason’s baby babble vocabulary. But lately, he vocalizes when he points to it, and it’s usually the same strange sound.

BB: “Dah! Dabada DAH!”

English: “I’m playing with the fireplace. Please discipline me.”

It’s true, Mason loves playing with the glass doors to the fireplace. Open, close. Open, close. He even leans back and lets the door handle his weight. Not cool.  Of course, just pulling him away makes him scream and he goes back for more, so sometimes loud voices need to be used.

BB: “Dadadadada…*sigh*”

English: “I am experiencing dry mouth from my food. Please give me juice/milk.”

Mason usually eats pretty silently, so when he pipes up, it’s an automatic response to grab the nearest sippy cup for his enjoyment. When he’s done drinking, rather than babble for removal of said sippy cup, he just chucks it in a general direction. Awesome.

BB: “Mum-mum-mum…”

English: A: “Mommy” (not sure yet). B: “This food is delicious! Thank you!”

Mason usually tosses out the “mum” sound when eating treats, but he also says it when Mommy is in the vicinity. It’s a possible double meaning on this one.

BB: *complete silence and stillness*

English: “Special Agent Oso is on. Please stop talking.”

Lately, just about the only time Mason is calm and quiet is when something good (in his opinion) is on TV. For shows like “Jake and the Never Land Pirates,” or “Chuggington,” he’ll stop for any music, but for “Oso,” He’s in rapt attention to the stuffed bear’s clumsy adventures.

Well, that’s it! The first 5 entries in the 2012 Baby Babble Translator are official. Of course, Mason says much more than this, but these are the five that seem consistent with the object/behavior. I’m not sure if a second edition with more entries will be necessary…it all depends on what the boy says…literally.

Comments on: "Translating “Baby Babble”" (4)

  1. Complete silence also translates as “I am up to something and have put myself in mortal danger! Please come save me from myself!

  2. I love the baby babble translator! I got so silly as I thought of my bf’s niece (2yo) who still uses primative noises to communicate with the rest of the family. Looking forward to future editions 🙂

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