Toddlers & Toilets

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may notice I have been tweeting about the toilet lately. Mason loves playing with liquid, as has been shown in the past. The toilet is no exception. The boy has known how to flush the throne since he was able to crawl. It would often be the answer to the question “where is he?”

  • Mommy: Where’s Mason?
  • Daddy: I dunno…
  • *FLUSH!*
  • (Daddy sighs, gets up to retrieve spawn)

Of course, Mason is now able to open the toilet. Why a still pool of water fascinates this kid, I’ll never know. Actually, maybe still water bothers him, which would explain why he finds it necessary to stick his hands in it. What’s even worse is that Mason likes to flush again and again and again. I swear I can hear the toilet cry for mercy.

"No, Mason, please don' No! NOOOOOOO!"

Thankfully, Mason hasn’t yet figured out that anything you put in the toilet can be flushed down it. Not so thankfully, Mason hasn’t yet figured out that relocating him outside the bathroom and closing the door is not going to kill him, so he screams as if it will.

So what could be worse than a kid flushing a toilet over and over? A kid who wants to flush it over and over while Mommy or Daddy is using it! Awesome! We have two options:

  • A: Allow Mason in the restroom with us and try to do our business while keeping him from flushing and creating…unusual sensations and awkward actions
  • B: Close the door when using the bathroom like all normal people and let him scream bloody murder.

Tough choice, right? But maybe, just maybe, there is an option C in here…

Mommies and Daddies, I give you…

Hmm...this just might do the trick!


Hey, I didn’t say it would be a good, sensible solution, did I? Sure, it doesn’t fix the endless flushing problem, or the water play issue, but at least it allows Mommy and Daddy to heed nature’s call the way it was intended….ALONE!

Somehow, someday, some way, Mason will soon begin potty training (I’m walking in blind here, so any tips or fair warnings are appreciated). I feel bad for pulling him away from the toilet so much when I know I’ll soon be encouraging him to use it. The conflicted parenting stuff is what’s hardest. Oh well, at least it doesn’t create a crap load of trouble if I mishandle this lesson…oh, wait…

Comments on: "Toddlers & Toilets" (6)

  1. LOL! I have nothing to say but I sincerely wish you luck 😉

  2. Mine just flush the toilet way too much. We had an emergency fast food restaurant restroom trip recently, however, where the auto toilet kept flushing itself while my little one was going. It was a little like a nightmare, but maybe it scared them into not flushing it so much anymore?

    As far as potty training goes, maybe his interest in the toilet will help speed up the process? I always say it’s never too early to get their own little potty, even if it just sits there for months. Maybe the right one for you will be the “flushing” type with all the bells and whistles. Or if you dont want to go the “OH A NEW TOY!!!” route, a 5 dollar IKEA potty will work just fine.

  3. […] Depending on the toy, I get downright selfish. I think I played with the Magna-Doodle for at least 15 minutes before Holly convinced me to let a very patient Mason play with it. Now, it’s used for a pseudo-educational tool…I write words on it and teach mason, i.e. “BREAKFAST” when he’s eating breakfast, “TRAIN” when he’s watching Chuggington, and everyone’s favorite word, “NO!” when… (insert naughty activity here). […]

  4. It’s so awfully cliched, I know, but you’ll laugh at this one day. In the meantime I’m laughing at this. (Been through it six tmes – two children and four grandchildren.)

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