Since its invention, the TV has driven millions of parents nuts.

As parents, we are always trying to prevent our kids, no matter what age, from being exposed to things that will harm them or warp their innocent minds. Rarely is this more true than when parents try to control what kids see on TV. TV is so open and blatant today that even newscasts are dangerous for little ones to watch. Surely, shows on Disney Junior must be perfectly OK to watch, Right?


Several months ago, Holly and I were watching some Disney Junior to get a handle on some of the shows Mason would be watching in the future, Mason was just a couple of months old at this point, nowhere near being able to sit up to watch TV, let alone understand what was on it. This show called “Jungle Junction” comes on.

Some Jungle Junction characters, including "Ellyvan." Likely a Chrysler model.

Cute show. Little “animals” on wheels roll around and talk. One is even named “Ellyvan” and it’s an elephant! HA! There are several other characters and the like, but the purpose of this is to overanalyze, so I’m going to skip the rest of them.

Anyway, this episode was all about “the big rain.” Apparently, these creatures live in an oasis in the middle of a huge desert, and whenever a “big rain” comes, they need to collect as much water as they can to keep plants and things growing, and so they have things to drink.

Wait, cars drink? Well, animals do…but they are cars too…how is this possible?! Continuing on…

So “the big rain” is approaching, in the form of a huge thunderstorm! As it begins to pour, the animals/cars/whatevers begin running around with buckets to collect water. They strategically place them at the ends of leaves and the like so collect as much as possible, and–

Wait, what?! It’s thunder and lightning, and these idiots are running around like morons with buckets! Who wrote this crap! I can see Mason anticipating a tornado warning, bucket in hand, ready to dash out and save the freaking imaginary carnimals from themselves. Oy!

I know, it’s just a kids show, and kids are supposed to have imaginations. I highly doubt Mason will ever run out in a thunderstorm with a bucket, but as an adult, and as a parent, you can’t help but think of these crazy things. It sucks that we lose our wild imaginations as we get older, but for our kid’s sakes, we need to be alert of these “possible scenarios.”

Overanalysis of TV doesn’t stop as a child gets older…it gets worse. I always seem to assume Mason will do exactly what these shows depict. If Special Agent OSO activates his jet pack, I’ll be waiting for Mason to dive off the couch. Heck, he already likes to climb into the couch and bounce around, what’s a plunge to the floor? Just another health hazard for Mommy and Daddy. Hey, maybe there’s a hazard sign for overanalysis…

What about you? What shows have you found ridiculously easy to overanalyze and assume the worst from? Anyone? Please tell me I’m not the only crazy dad here…

Comments on: "Overanalyzing TV: Every Parent’s Job" (7)

  1. Oh lord, childrens TV is just bonkers. Sometimes scarily so. They don’t notice. Don’t panic x

  2. try watching oswald on Noggin (a Nickjr. station), especially the ‘big banana’ episode.

  3. I believe TV is the great boredom creator and creative governor (stops creativity). We did not allow TV in the house when the boys were young. We had a TV monitor but ONLY dvds could be played. We didn’t allow any watching on school days. We read to the boys (I read) every single night. They both began reading SPONTANEOUSLY in kindergarten…did this all help? I don’t know, but I know it sure as heck didn’t hurt!

    • Thanks Bruce. Right now Mason doesn’t respond well to traditional reading (see “Tough Times in Story Land”) but he’s coming around. Not saying TV is an alternative, but for now we keep it to Disney Junior and limit to an hour MAX. If anything, he’s running around outside for fun now. 🙂
      Thanks for reading, and for your input!

  4. […] it looks like I’m guilty. Like many parents giving kids’ TV a bad rap these days, I voiced my opinion in a public manner, then got my foot shoved in my mouth. This weekend, I actually learned something from a kid’s […]

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