Every job has its perks. Though there’s no vacation time or salary raise for being a dad, there are some fringe benefits for sure. Lately, none have been more significant for me that being able to play with little kids’ toys again (and not get odd looks from my wife…OK…less odd looks). Have you ever found yourself in the toy section at Target enjoying a Slinky like a 5-year old? You’re not alone…there’s at least one other nutcase out there!

Let’s face it, human beings love a good bit of nostalgia every now and then, but we get caught up in the societal pressure of maturity. In other words, we want to play with the blocks, but we’d look like morons if we were witnessed doing so. Children are like a “get out of jail free” card for this activity. I take full advantage of this.

OMG! Mason got a Magna-Doodle! SQUEEEEE!!!!

Depending on the toy, I get downright selfish. I think I played with the Magna-Doodle for at least 15 minutes before Holly convinced me to let a very patient Mason play with it. Now, it’s used for a pseudo-educational tool…I write words on it and teach mason, i.e. “BREAKFAST” when he’s eating breakfast, “TRAIN” when he’s watching Chuggington, and everyone’s favorite word, “NO!” when… (insert naughty activity here).

It’s also the simple toys that bring me joy. Mason has these spiky balls that light up when bounced. Pure ecstasy for Daddy. It’s like a stress ball and light show all in one! It’s like therapy to bounce it all over the house and be endlessly entertained. I almost got in big trouble with it recently…I believe the threat began with “If you make that ball light up one more time…” and ended with “give it to Mason!!” I guess I’m just an immature dad. 😛

See? Immature.

Comments on: "Random Perks to Being A Dad: Toys!" (15)

  1. clownonfire said:

    The Magna-Doodle… Our daughter is lucky if she can have five minutes with it…

  2. jocksandpols said:

    Excellent advice. I use the same techniques..I play a super ton of basketball with my son. He loves it and I love it. And guess what? Its a free pass!!! Time with my son, exercise, and hard to catch hell for!

  3. Don’t forget being able to play with dolls and have tea parties! Woo-hoo!! Wait, did I just type that? I mean, a friend of mine said he was excited to be able to play with dolls and have tea parties with his twin girls.

    I just posted today about playing with any toy, regardless of gender. I don’t care if I play with dolls or their new workbench, as long as we get to spend time together. I might, however, get a little excited when toy shopping for them – especially if I see something from my childhood still on the market.

    Shameless plug to follow.


    • Mason has some stuffed animals we play with…usually I dance for him like a goof while holding them and singing along. Mason’s big thing is music…he’ll focus on any musical source. I think he’s got it like me. Be on the lookout for a future post about this. 🙂

  4. Love the Magna Doodle idea 🙂 I’m gonna do that! Thanks

  5. Awesome! My big thing has really been the Legos. My face must have lit up like a 5yo when I was first able to get my girls the “tiny” ones. The best part is that I can make waaay cooler stuff than when I was a kid. Trucks, towers, pictures. I know I impress myself more than the kids. Another reason to get my girls into Star Wars, too. I don’t need to push those toys on them, either, with Jedi mind-tricking and all.

  6. I love all the toys. Personally I can’t wait for an excuse to play Madden all night and build stuff with Legos all day.

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