Well, it looks like I’m guilty. Like many parents giving kids’ TV a bad rap these days, I voiced my opinion in a public manner, then got my foot shoved in my mouth. This weekend, I actually learned something from a kid’s show. Special Agent OSO taught me how to use chopsticks.

Yes, Special Agent OSO.

Yes, Chopsticks.

A typical pair of chopsticks after about 30 seconds in my hand.

Chopsticks have long been an Achilles heel for me. I love Asian food, but I’m always the sucker that asks for “western silverware” so as not to a) starve, b) embarrass myself, and c) shame Asian restaurant owners across the Northeast U.S. Many a friend has tried to teach me how to use them, but I either gave up out of frustration, or my hand cramped up.

Enter this past Saturday. We had a bunch of OSO episodes on our DVR, and one was called “From China With Love.” Cute, I thought…maybe it’s about a fortune cookie or something (I know fortune cookies are as American as apple pie). Lo and behold, it’s about using chopsticks, all broken down into the “3 special steps” OSO is known for! So I figured I’d give it a try…hey, who was I going to let down by failing? Oh, right…Mason. I could just picture my son shaking his head in pure toddler disapproval as I dropped another clump of rice in my lap.

As I said, I’m guilty of bashing kids’ shows. With Special Agent OSO, my chief complaint is that the “3 special steps” are broken down too far, and important steps are lacking. This chopsticks lesson, however, turned out surprisingly clear:

  1. Press one chopstick between your middle finger and thumb.
  2. Hold the other chopstick between your pointer finger and thumb.
  3. Move the chopstick with your pointer finger to grab food.

Of course, there was a visual guide on the TV as well. So I grabbed two pens (we don’t usually have chopsticks hanging around the house) and gave it a try. And it worked!

OSO, you crafty son of a bear!

Never again will I complain 100% about OSO and his “3 special steps.” Sure, there are plenty of examples of oversimplifying, but anyone who can teach a klutz like me to use chopsticks gets slack in my book. Thank you, OSO!

Comments on: "OSO Taught Me How to Use Chopsticks" (2)

  1. Funny. I alwys have troubles w/chopsticks too. However, my kids don’t seem to be so into Oso. Maybe, an episode of Sponge Bob will focus on chopsticks – if so, I’ll be in luck.

    • OSO is by far Mason’s favorite, especially the music. He smiles whenever “Mr. Dos” talks. It makes me smile…as I hold chopsticks properly!

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