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Before I became a parent I knew that my life would change. I knew I’d get a little less sleep, and the house would get a little messier, but I don’t think I was prepared for just how much my conversations would change as a parent. So below are some of the conversations that new parents can expect to have after baby comes along.

A New Language in Your Conversations

I’m not talking Spanish, French, or Italian…I’m referring to baby talk. Words will start to morph into cutesy sounding words. For example, the dogs become “doggies,” when they fall or bump their heads they get “ouchies,” and all sorts of syllables get added to words.

Detailed Discussions about Your Child’s Bathroom Habits

From the very first diaper, your child’s bathroom habits will often be the topic of conversation. With friends who also have babies, you’ll also find yourself discussing the bowel movements without reservation. I look forward to the day that we simply celebrate our daughter being potty trained, but new and expectant parents should be ready to discuss the poops and pees.

How’s Your Baby!?….Oh, and How Are you doing?

After you have a baby, just expect to be overlooked initially when meeting up with friends and family. I honestly didn’t see this one coming or even notice until about a month after our daughter was born.

My wife and I had been visiting with family

for about an hour when someone said, “oh, I didn’t even ask how you all were doing, how are things going?” The fact is that your new baby be the conductor on trains of thought for a while. You’ll notice that everyone in this picture here is looking at the baby, and that won’t change when you leave the hospital.  Your friends and family still care about you, don’t get me wrong, but the baby is and should be much more interesting for a while.  Just get used to it.

So as a new parent, just get ready to have your conversations go in a whole new direction. It’s not a bad thing at all, and for my wife and I it’s been an adventure. If you have any examples of your own conversations, I’d love to hear about them.

Jason Ross – A husband and father, and creator of I began blogging after my first child and wonderful daughter Abby was born. Parenting brings a lot of new challenges, great experiences and changes and I needed an outlet for that. I’m a 9-5 employee, full-time dad & husband. @ordinaryparent

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