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Beach Boy


We took a family vacation in June, visiting my sister, brother-in-law and their kids from Indiana. We met in Massachusetts with my parents and drove to Maine for an overnight at the ocean.

Mason was t quite sure about the ocean. Maybe it was the waves. Maybe it was the noise. Maybe it was the camera being constantly aimed at him. Either way…not 100% a fan. Nonetheless, this was a half decent shot.


Not Forgotten!

Sure, it’s only been 4 months since my last post, but that doesn’t mean I’m dead to the blogging world. It just means…I’ve been busy, dang it! New job at work makes me want to sleep at night instead of linger awake. Plus, this fatherhood thing doesn’t get any easier (though I think it’s gotten more enjoyable)!

Anywho, I’m still alive, and all is well!

No, this isn’t actually me, but this is how I feel sometimes.

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