Fellow Fathers

Here are some links to fellow fatherhood blogs I enjoy reading. Please support them by visiting, or let me know if there are others I should add!

Dad In Chucks: www.dadinchucks.com

Colin Burns takes a comprehensive approach to his blog, including product reviews parents will find useful. A social media expert, Colin’s blog also features today’s trending apps and topics. Modern dads will really find this blog interesting.

Ordinary Parent: www.ordinaryparent.com

Jason Ross takes his ordinary life as an ordinary parent and makes it extraordinary. His blog features guest posts and a wide array of categories across the parenthood spectrum. Products are also available for sale bearing the Ordinary Parent brand.

Dad vs. Spawn: www.dadvsspawn.com

Phil Shepley and John G. Simon team up as writer and artist to bring a unique blog full of the witty side of parenting. Fantasy, situational and advisory posts make this blog one you’ll want to follow. Updated every Wednesday.

Dadding Badly: www.daddingbadly.com

John Kovaleski takes the artist’s approach to his journey as a new father. From bedtime stories to grocery store musings, his comic strip relates to parents everywhere.

Brad the Dad: www.readbradthedad.com

Brad Marmo raises two boys in a modern world, and his blog catches it all. From educational resources to his own insights on the philosophy of fatherhood, Brad’s blog is a family resource worth checking out.

Thanks for your support!


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  1. Love your blog. Try my fatherhood blog out. http://www.newenglandfather.com

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