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Sleeping Blankie

Mason covered himself so thoroughly with his blanket, it looks like it’s part of him. Snoozy little guy. 🙂


Big Shoes to Fill

…literally! Not bragging or anything…

False Visions of a Diaper-Free Home

Mason is 21+ months old now. Boys his age do an awful lot! Mason runs about the house, bounces on the bed, fiddles with the remote and eats like both a horse and a bird, depending on the day and meal. He sure is a handful. He’s also a diaper full!

I’ve written a lot about poop, and as a dad, I’m entitled to every stinking word of it. It’s a scientifically known fact: the older a child gets, the more pungent the aroma of their dirty deposits. Talk with just about any parent about this, and the conversation is sure to steer to…



We started thinking of potty training about 2 months ago. Mason somehow got into the habit of getting out of the tub, finding a certain spot in the bathroom floor and…relieving himself. Like any optimistic parents, we ran out and bought a kiddie potty. “Mason will be using this in no time!” I thought. I envisioned light at the end of a very stinky tunnel…a tunnel to a land of storage space in Mason’s room and a sudden drop in the need for baby powder and air freshener. Such a blissful thought! I was getting overwhelmed…so much joy! Tears of joy! So much emo–


–and then Mason ran by with the soft seat of the kiddie potty on his head, smiling and babbling loudly. Sigh…oh well.

The day will come when potty training will become a serious project. Hopes will be spawned and dashed with every potty sit or soiled diaper. It’s gotta happen one way or another. Mason, my boy, I have complete faith in your intestinal intelligence! Go get ’em, son! 🙂

One Little Monkey Jumping on the Bed

Oh Boy…

Every home needs a bounce house to prevent bed bouncing!

In the past few weeks, Mason has learned that mattresses are springy, and that springs are bouncy. He’s such a sensory-focused little guy! Every morning before leaving for daycare, all he wants to do is get on Mommy & Daddy’s bed and hop, hop hop! Of course, it’s a double-edged sword, bouncing on the bed. No parent wants to condone such raucously negative behavior, but the smile on Mason’s face makes it impossible to deny him. I’m such a bad daddy.

Mason still uses a crib, but he’s starting to bounce there too. I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s bouncing right OUT of the crib. Can someone recommend some good floor padding to prevent skull fracture?


Clowning Around


Wow…it’s been almost three weeks! Sorry! I took on a new role at work, and it’s making me exhausted at night! I’m doing my best to fit it all in. Hmm…good idea…
Anyway, a couple weeks ago I picked Mason up from daycare. His provider said she had trouble buttoning his overalls, so I took the liberty of fixing the issue when I got home. What I created was a clown-pants catastrophe. Mason wouldn’t stop fidgeting and wouldn’t let me take his hat off, either. I flipped on the TV so he could watch some DVR’d Chuggington and stay still. I saw him standing in his client glory and couldn’t resist. Damn you, snap buttons!

Basket Case

Mason has tons of toys…most of which we didn’t buy for him. They were gifts from family & friends for Christmas or his birthday back in October. Cars, trains, stuffed animals, books, musical instruments…even a turtle that reads! The boy has his pick of what to play with. Heck, we don’t even keep all the toys out, some are stowed away for a later date, to keep things fresh for him, and to prevent our house from looking like Toys ‘R’ Us.

Yet, Mason doesn’t gravitate towards these wonderful learning tools and fun things. Walks by the car and stuffed animals. No interest in books yet. The turtle…no, that gets bored quickly. Mason goes for the $1.00 light-up balls from Wal-Mart! I can’t guilt him on that, though…they were bought for him, after all. Above the balls, all the toys, and even Mommy & Daddy, Mason goes for…

Wait for it…

Of all the toys Mason has...he chooses the laundry basket.

The Laundry basket!

Yes, the ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill laundry basket. Mason is the textbook early toddler…buy him the world, he wants the box it came in. Of course, he doesn’t just sit in it nicely, as seen above. No, he wants to flip it over, climb on it and dance on it; and if there’s anything I’ve learned about my little boy over these 15 months of his life, it’s that he doesn’t go easy…ever. This kid bounces atop the basket like it’s a damn trampoline. Luckily, someone is nearby to make sure he doesn’t split his head open. He never gets enough of it, either. Sometimes he gets so rough with it, we have to take it away, and that leads to…yeah.

The toys will always be there when Mason is ready to play with them. For now, at least I have an excuse for dropped laundry between the dryer and the bedroom!

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