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Life With A 4-Year-Old


It’s been hard to post anything with all the time dedicated to work, but Mason does still exist. In fact, he recently turned FOUR! Proof in the picture, no joke.

I hope to get some more stuff up here, as fatherhood never stops!


Sleeping Blankie

Mason covered himself so thoroughly with his blanket, it looks like it’s part of him. Snoozy little guy. 🙂


Big Shoes to Fill

…literally! Not bragging or anything…


Clowning Around


Wow…it’s been almost three weeks! Sorry! I took on a new role at work, and it’s making me exhausted at night! I’m doing my best to fit it all in. Hmm…good idea…
Anyway, a couple weeks ago I picked Mason up from daycare. His provider said she had trouble buttoning his overalls, so I took the liberty of fixing the issue when I got home. What I created was a clown-pants catastrophe. Mason wouldn’t stop fidgeting and wouldn’t let me take his hat off, either. I flipped on the TV so he could watch some DVR’d Chuggington and stay still. I saw him standing in his client glory and couldn’t resist. Damn you, snap buttons!


Signs Your Child Has Been Up to No Good


I still don’t know what it was, but Mason found/made it and put it on the toilet for me to find. This I know: it’s not a raisin, but I don’t think it’s what everyone thinks it is, either. I threw it away, so I guess we’ll never know!


Dr. Destructo!


In need of some demo? Call 1-800-DESTROY & let Mason take care of it!


Halloween 2011


The only shot I could get before Mason the hat hater tore the hat off in disgust.

Mason was a monster for Halloween this year. Very fitting considering his normal behavior! Mason has a thing with hats; he hates them on his head and will tear them off as soon as you put them on. Fortunately, the trusty Nikon DSLR was quick enough.

No trick or treating quite yet for Mason due to the October snowstorm knocking power out to most of Connecticut. He’ll go out this weekend and get some goodies, which Mommy and Daddy will happily aid him in consuming. 🙂

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